Opensource Customization

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Open source customization has immense benefits. It allows greater participation of the developer community, which provides innovative solutions and ingenious inputs into the platforms for benefit of the end users. Following are the uses of open source development.

  • Low development cost because the framework/platform comes free of cost and does not involve License fees
  • Easy availability of rich pool of source codes needed for development of dynamic websites and web applications
  • Quicker and hassle-free web development because of worldwide developer community back-up
  • Availability of regular updated versions, which allow the developers to match up with the changing requirements of the end-users

We offer services in the following areas of open source customization:

  • Magento Customization: Get custom Magento eComerce Development services to leverage your business interests online.
  • WordPress Customization: Explore a wide range of themes, customized modules and much more through our WordPress CMS/web development service.
  • OpenCart Customization: Our developer teams specialize in Open Cart eCommerce app development. They offer tailor-made features for making your shopping cart unique.
  • Drupal development: Our Drupal developer provides blogs, web portals and other community based sites modified as per your taste.
  • CakePHP development: Obtain dynamic web 2.0 development in CakePHP. Acquire our CakePHP development teams who deliver the perfect solution for your business needs.

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