PSD to BigCommerce

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PSD to Big Commerce

Before sounding Greek or Geek (sic), the content will begin by first defining the technical terms that form the subject matter of the article. Here goes. Big Commerce is essentially a web based commerce solution that allows its users to create their own online stores in a matter of minutes. This award winning e-commerce solution comes with a number of templates (over 60) that are designed for each individual user to leverage to their own tastes. What is PSD? Well PSD is Photo Shops native file and is the acronym for Photo Shop Data File. The question that the discerning reader is asking at this point is this: What is the connection between these two file formats and just how does Webpix Solutions come into the picture? This is how?

Web Pix Solution essentially ensures that whether you are working with a website, a design, or even a template in mind you can somehow get you desired idea to fit to a tee on the Bigcommerce customization . And do not get this wrong dear reader, matching your design on the Big Commerce template is not child’s play. When you get into such a technical area you need to call on some expert help, and the experts come in the entity of Web Pix Solutions. Web Pix Solution specializes in the conversion of PSD to Big Commerce. This is done by coding one file format – in this case the PSD file format to fit into the Big Commerce template. All the client need to do is send us their design in PSD format and the entity will do the coding and resubmit this coded design that fits into the Big Commerce template. There are two factors that go in the favor of Web Pix Solution – a team of technical personnel who are second to no one, and professionalism that guides all aspects of the entities work. If you want to be on the Big Commerce platform, you do well to contact Web Pix solutions today.

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